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Month: August, 2014

‘Endurance’ @ Govanhill Baths

“My(self in) Glasgow” as part of ‘Endurance’, celebrating 100 years of Govanhill Baths.






Alternative Walking Tour: 13th August

With the weather brightening up on Wednesday, the tour went ahead as scheduled, with some very responsive and energetic participants. Along with my own prompts, i.e. Place your body to mimic/ Place your body to take up minimum space/ Place your body to oppose, the participants also added their own to the tour. These included: Place your body to: expose the pattern, mimic the sound/colour, conquer, uproot, comfort, seduce, escape, enter. Many thanks to all those that took part, and Natalie Doyle for photographing. 

IMG_3868 IMG_3879 IMG_3898 IMG_3915 IMG_3925 IMG_3932 IMG_3955 IMG_3982 IMG_4003 IMG_4004 IMG_4035 IMG_4077 IMG_4102 IMG_4107 IMG_4128

Alternative Walking Tour: 12th August

Unfortunately there was lack of interest for the tours on Tuesday, due to the rain, but I didn’t let this dampen my spirits, and so I took the tour to a sheltered area: the National Gallery of Scotland. By moving the tour to the gallery, this changed the whole meaning and dynamic. By responding to my own prompts, it was a way to stay creative on a rainy day!

Thanks to Justyna Ataman for photographing. 

DSCN8505 DSCN8507 DSCN8513 DSCN8519 DSCN8522 DSCN8523 DSCN8525

And we even picked up a visitor along the way:

DSCN8530 DSCN8536 DSCN8547 DSCN8549 DSCN8561 DSCN8564 DSCN8569

Alternative Walking Tour

alternatve walking tour leaflet An hour long tour with a difference, to question and subvert the normal way we travel through cities. During the tour, participants will be prompted to connect with elements of Edinburgh’s urban ‘furniture’. Through conscious movement and body placement, the forgotten, the overlooked and the undervalued will be highlighted. 

Examples of prompts:

  • Place your body to create new meaning
  • Place your body to mimic
  • Place your body to compliment
  • Place your body to oppose
  • Place your body to expose what’s missing
  • Place your body to take up minimum space
  • Place your body to take up maximum space
  • Place your body to intervene
  • Place your body to change the function

For the full programme and other news, visit http://artshedcollective.com/